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How do you know the JJJee® "water" is pH12.7

JJJee® alkaline electrolyzed water has the pH level around 12.7(+/-0.3), the pH is stable when tightly sealed.

From left to right, WATER, JJJee® alkaline electrolyzed water, Bleach

Test with a pH test strip

Water pH 7

JJJee® pH 12~13

Bleach (diluted 1:80) pH 11~12 *The test strips were bleached to pale white after 1 second.

Test with a professional pH test meter

Water pH 7.76

JJJee® pH 12.74

Bleach (diluted 1:80) pH 11.85

Don’t miss the chance

“Viruses lose their infectivity at Strong Alkaline environment”


Protecting Ourselves And Our Loved Ones
Starts By Ensuring Cleanliness And Hygiene

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