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Our Technology

JJJee does not cause environmental pollution. This is the revolutionary technology that the human race has been waiting for!


The fact of Strong Alkaline pH12.7 Electrolyzed water

JJJee is made by the world’s first “One-Side Spout” Alkaline Electrolyted water generation machine, which is the innovative fourth generation of electrolyzer made in Japan, generating electrolyzed strong bases from pH12 to pH13.8.

Unlike older generation electrolyzed water generators, where both sides discharge, generated strong acid and strong alkaline water by mixing salt with the water. This produces hydrogen chloride and strong mineral acid in water, which is highly corrosive, and caused pollution to the environment.

This innovative “One-Side Spout” system is a circular discharge technology, using minimal potassium carbonate as electrolyte (potassium carbonate is a FDA approved safe food additive), produces the safest and non-toxic Strong Alkaline pH12.7 Electrolytic water for JJJee, with no harm for human and pets.
(Lab test report on human indicating that JJJee is non-irritating and can be safely used on human skin)

JJJee is a different kind of strong alkaline water (pH 12.7+/-0.3)
JJJee is different from the conventional Alkaline Electrolytic Water, which is harmful to human and causes pollution to the environment. JJJee is not compatible with Ironized Alkaline Water generated by an ironized machine for drinking, which is not strong enough to kill most of the germs and not effective on degreasing.  JJJee is also different from the strong alkaline water made from chemicals, which is highly corrosive and harmful to human and aqua life.

JJJee can be easily diluted with water in drainage or become natural water when exposure to the air, thus, will not cause pollution and be able to reduce the waste water treatment cost.


The World's Primer One-Side Spout Technology 

Conventional Strong Alkaline Electrolyzed Water

JJJee® New Generation pH12.7 Alkaine Electrolyzed Water

X Generates both acidic and alkaline water

X Strong irritant and corrosive

X Contains hazardous chemicals residue, must handle with care

X Uses on industrial disinfecting and cleaning

X Strong unpleasant smell from chlorine gas

X Rust occurs

X pH level is not stable

X Short shelf life

X Harmful to the environment

✔ Generates only alkaline water

✔ Non-corrosive, non-irritant

✔ No harmful chemicals

✔ Can be used on humans, animals, objects and most surfaces

✔ Colorless, odorless

✔ Rust prevention

✔ pH level is very stable

✔ Long shelf life

✔ Safe for humans, pets and the environment

The Power of pH12.7+ Alkaline Electrolyted water

JJJee, with an alkaline level of pH12.7(+/-0.3)*, can be used on various applications, replace most of the chemical household products, personal hygiene, pet care and first aids products. It is strong enough to clean greasy oil, yet safe and gentle enough to use on humans and pets. It contains no harmful chemical substances, no alcohol, nor toxic surfactants, can be quickly neutralized by diluting with water or by exposure to the air, and therefore, will not pollute the seabed nor harm aquatic life.

*pH level will be slightly different between +/-0.3 due to the temperature. The slight difference in pH levels do not affect the quality or capability of the product.

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