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PH+ Cleanee Inc is a women-owned company established in 2015, dedicated to promoting environmentally friendly products. The detrimental impact of excessive chemical usage on the environment is evident. Everyday cleaning products, when washed down drains, contaminate the seabed and pose a severe threat to marine life. Furthermore, individuals are confronted with health issues such as skin rashes and respiratory ailments due to allergies, as well as exposure to alcohol or chemical ingredients from cleaning agents. The overuse of antibiotics in both humans and animals is contributing to the emergence of antibiotic-resistant super bacteria. Additionally, the utilization of germicides and pesticides on fruits and vegetables creates unnecessary health problems.

JJJee®, an imported product from Japan, offers a comprehensive solution to these aforementioned problems, benefiting households, communities, and the environment. Our main objective is to raise awareness regarding the hidden toxins found in chemical household products and the level of toxicity associated with consuming pesticide-grown fruits and vegetables. Simultaneously, we aim to educate people about the use of a new generation of safe electrolyzed water with a high alkaline level, which is employed as a homeopathic remedy in Japan and other Asian countries to safely clean skin  in humans and animals. This alternative approach avoids the use of antibiotics, which could contribute to the development of more dangerous drug-resistant super bacteria. Our hope is that everyone becomes aware of this situation before it worsens.

JJJee® is an odorless and colorless product that does not contain any harmful chemicals, eliminating the need for rinsing. Laboratory test reports confirm the safe use of JJJee® directly on humans and animals. Moreover, JJJee® effectively eliminates odors by breaking down odor molecules. By using JJJee®, water consumption and medical expenses can be reduced, making it suitable for all households and public facilities. (The test reports on this website were conducted by certified laboratories in Japan and USA.)

JJJee® represents an environmental improvement product. We are currently in the process of registering JJJee® as an antimicrobial pesticide (disinfectant) with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), as well as a product for treating skin infections in both humans and animals with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). To cover the substantial registration fees, we are diligently working to secure sufficient funding for these applications. Your purchase will greatly contribute to our efforts of positioning JJJee®  as an EPA/FDA verified and effective disinfectant in the near future.

JJJee Strong Alkaline Electrolyzed Water: ONE BOTTLE DOES IT ALL!®



PH+ Cleanee Inc

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