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PH+ Cleanee Inc is a women owned company, founded in 2015, with the purpose of promoting environmentally friendly products. It is evident that the excessive use of chemicals is destroying the environment. Chemicals, from daily cleaning products, which are washed down drains, are polluting the seabed and have drastically endangered marine life. Health issues, ranging from skin rashes, to increasing respiratory ailments as a result of allergies, to alcohol or chemical ingredients from cleaning agents are in the environment for people to contend with on a daily basis. More antibiotic-resistant super bacteria are being stimulated by the excessive use of antibiotics in both animals and humans. Germicides and pesticides being used on vegetables and fruits create needless health problems.

JJJee, a product imported from Japan, can help solve all of the problems above and will help every household and community, as well as the environment. Our primary objective is to make everybody aware of the hidden toxins in chemical household products and the levels of toxicity suffered from eating fruits and vegetables grown using pesticides. At the same time, we want to share to people that in Japan and other Asian countries, people are using the new generation of electrolyted water with a strong alkaline level to used as a homeopathic remedy to clean problem skin areas on humans and animals, rather than using antibiotics, which might in turn help develop more deadly drug-resistant super bacteria. We hope everyone will become aware of the situation before it gets worse.

JJJee is odorless, colorless, with no harmful chemicals and no rinsing is required. Lab test reports indicate that JJJee can be safely used directly on humans and animals. JJJee also eliminates odors by breaking down the odor molecules. JJJee can save water and medical expenses, and is suitable for use in all households, and public facilities.(The Test Reports on this website were done in Japan by quality certified laboratories.)

JJJee is an environmental improvement product. We are under the process of registering JJJee as a product of antimicrobials pesticide (disinfectant) at EPA (The Environmental Protection Agency), and a product for skin infection for both humans and animals at FDA (Food and Drug Administration). Due to the expensive registration fees, we are trying our very best to gather enough capitals for the applications. Your purchase will be a great help for us to put JJJee as a EPA /FDA verified effective disinfectant in the near future.

JJJee Strong Alkaline Electrolyzed Water, ONE BOTTLE DOES IT ALL! ®



PH+ Cleanee Inc

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