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JJJee is a revolutionary new concept of the century, which can change the future of the earth.

"JJJee" (pronounced as 'Jay Gee') –an ALL-IN-ONE Cleaner/Disinfectant/Sanitizer/Deodorizer/Personal Care/Pet Care/Homeopathy, all in ONE bottle. It has various applications including household use, fruits and vegetables, personal hygiene, pet care, clinical, medical, salon, animal farms, kennels, public facilites, and many other industries.

It can be used as an antibacterial hand wash and hand sanitizer, contains no harmful chemical, no alcohol, no ammonia and no toxic substance. It won't cause pollution to the air or water. It is a product of environmental improvement, which reduces water pollution and plastic bottle pollution, reduces the spread of germs and prevents disease outbreak. It is so powerful yet gentle.  It KILLS over 99% of common germs and bacteria including E. Coli, Salmonella, Staphylococcus aureus, and MRSA, it DEACTIVATES influenza in 15 seconds, yet has no harm on humans, pets and the environment.

It can be used in a wide variety of applications, such as:
*Daily household cleaning
*Cleaning and sanitizing kids' and babies' toys
*Non-drug homeopathic remedy for minor scrapes, cuts and burns
*Disinfecting personal belongings
*Personal care for hospitalized patients
*Personal hygiene including mouth rinsing, soothe gum infection and mouth ulcers
*Stubborn stain removal, including blood stain and chocolate stain
*Wash away pesticide residue left on vegetables and fruits
*Pet cleaning & deodorizing pet odors and pet stains
*Non-drug homeopathic remedy for pet's skin and ear infection
*Non-drug homeopathic remedy for minor cuts, wounds, and burns
*Removes Adhesive residue without VOC
*Cutting board disinfecting and deodorizing
*Clean and disinfect cushions, stuffed animals, linens, blanket, jackets or clothes that are difficult to clean.

It is imported from Japan and packaged in the USA. 16oz and refill bottles are sealed for your protection.
Many tests had been done in Japan and proved that JJJee's strong alkaline electrolytic water can effectively kill dangerous germs and bacteria, reduce odor and yet, safe to use on humans and pets.

JJJee contains pH12.5(+/-0.3 @25°C) strong alkaline electrolytic water.
It should be kept closed and finished within six months to 1 year after opening in order to get the best quality from the product.

JJJee (Pink) Homeopathic Remedy for Humans and Animals contains pH12.7 strong alkaline electrolytic water. Can be used directly on skin infection areas, such as hot spots, rashes, hand-mouth diseases, athlete foot, ringworms or any skin allergy and irritation. It cleans, disinfects and deodorizes at the same time. It can also be used to deodorize pet odors, people odors, foot odors and other unpleasant smells.
More information at JJJee (Pink) Homeopathic Remedy for Humans and Animals

Note: It is not for drinking.

-One bottle can be a cleaner, disinfectant, sanitizer, deodorizer, antiseptic and pet care products.
-It can be applied to various applications including households, personal hygiene, pets, clinical, medical, fruits and vegetables, and many others.
-No harmful chemical, alcohol, bleach, or toxic substance.
-Colorless, odorless, non-stimulus and not irritating to skin
-Strong cleaning and disinfecting power yet safe to human and pets.
-Very effective at killing germs and bacteria.
-Can kill E.coli and Salmonella and Pseudomonas Aeruginosa in seconds.
-It’s a homeopathic remedy for minor scrapes, cuts, rashes, and wounds.
-No foam formation and uses less water for rinsing.
-Rust prevention power, best for stainless steel utensils.
-Strong deodorizing power against bad smells the pungent odors.
-Dissolves adhesive with NO VOC.
-Environmental improvements product and can be able to apply to various household applications.
-It reverses to neutral water when exposing to the air, thus, will not damage the environment.
-No health hazards compared to bleaches, cleaning chemicals, and alcohol.
-Powerful yet gentle; safe for human and pets.
-Cleans, sanitizes, disinfects and deodorizes at the same time.
-No need to buy different cleaning or disinfecting products, one bottle does it all.
-Reduces expenses for waste water treatment.
-Enhance personal hygiene, things that were earlier difficult to clean and sanitized will not be a problem anymore.
-Washes away dirt and impurities on fruits and vegetables.
-Can apply on pets, reduce pet’s odor, reduce pet’s hot spots, skin irritation, chin acne and ear infection.
-Save a lot of money on pet care products, one bottle does it all.
      -JJJee is strong alkaline (pH12.5+/-0.5) Electrolytic Water, generated by the innovative fourth generation of electrolyzer made in Japan, using only minimal potassium carbonate as electrolyte (potassium carbonate is a FDA approved safe food additive), produces the powerful yet gentle Alkaline Electrolytic water that is safe for humans, pets and the environment.
      -JJJee is different from the Ironized Alkaline Water generated by an ionized machine for drinking, which does not have the ability to disinfect or sanitize.
      -JJJee is different from the alkaline water made from chemicals, which is highly corrosive and harmful to human and aqua life.
      -JJJee is different from the electrolytic water generated by the conventional electrolyzed water generators, which produces hydrogen chloride and strong mineral acid in water and is also highly corrosive, harmful to humans and causes pollution to the environment.
      -JJJee contains no harmful chemicals, no alcohol, no bleach, no toxic substance. It is a cleaner, disinfectant, sanitizer and also a deodorizer and antiseptic all in ONE bottle.
      -It can be easily diluted with water in drainage or become natural water when exposure to the air, thus, will not cause pollution and be able to reduce the wastewater treatment cost.

        Strong Alkaline Electrolytic Water has the following specification:

        1) Emulsification

        Dirt is shredded into small pieces, making it easy to peel off and disperse.
        Fat droplets finely divide into very small droplets. Thus, fat easily comes off the object.

        2) Saponification

        Through decomposition of grease (as well as varied glycerin and fats), oil, grease and dirt will come off easily.

        3) Dissolved Hydrogen

        The physical and chemical effects of the dissolved hydrogen help the dirt to come off the object.

        4) Osmosis

        The higher the cluster (a collection of water molecules), the finer the decomposed permeability.

        Therefore, dirt will easily come out through the gaps.


        Dirt and large fat globules are broken down into smaller, uniform particles and distributed in a fluid.


        Dirt adhering to the object carries a negative charge (zeta-potential) thus is repulsively detached from the object which is also negatively charged.

        -Many tests were done and ensured that JJJee’s strong Alkaline Electrolytic Water is proven to safely use on human and pets, and efficiently cleans, disinfects and deodorizes at the same time.
        -JJJee is also a non-drug Homeopathic remedy for skin irritation related to allergies, minor cuts, burns or scrapes as well as pet’s skin and ear infection. It is an antiseptic and wound cleaner, it cleans and kills 99.9% germs and bacteria. It kills the bacteria that causes the infection, shortens the healing time and reduces irritation. It does not contain alcohol and other chemical medications. It is safe for humans, pets, and the environment.
          -JJJee does not foam, it requires less rinsing, and normally does not need to rinse, thus saving a lot of water expenses.
          -JJJee is “one bottle does it all”, you save money on buying other products for different purposes.
          -JJJee effectively kills germs and bacteria, reduces the spread of germs, promote personal hygiene, thus reduces the chance to get sick and save medical expenses.
          -JJJee is a homeopathic remedy, it is a wound cleaner, antiseptic, anti-inflammation all in one, you save money on buying only one bottle instead of buying all the first-aid medicines.
          -JJJee is safe for pets, its a ear cleaner, no-rinse shampoo, homeopathic remedy for ear and skin infection, antiseptic, and wound cleaner. Also a deodorizer and pet stain cleaner all in one. You save a lot of money on pet care and veterinary expenses as well as save your time on easy and simple cleaning.
          -JJJee helps recover from most skin diseases in humans and pets naturally, save thousands of medical expenses.
            JJJee is generated by the most advanced 4th generation One Side Spot Generator in Japan, using potassium carbonate as electrolyte, Potassium Carbonate is FDA approved food additive, contains no harmful chemicals and no alcohol, other than its super cleaning power. It also disinfects and deodorizes at the same time, and will not leave any hazardous chemicals and residue on the cleaned objects, including food contact surfaces.  Therefore, as rinsing is not required, this will significantly reduce the cleaning time and cost of water.
            -JJJee is a Homeopathic remedy for skin irritation related to minor cuts, scrapes, burns, as well as skin rashes, hot spots on animals, and other skin diseases caused by bacteria and fungus. JJJee effectively kills Staphylococcus aureus, as well as antibiotic-resistant bacteria MRSA, which are the most common bacteria that cause server skin infections. It acts as an effective antiseptic and sanitizer by killing 99.9% germs and bacteria, which can lessen pain, itchiness, and other skin irritation by reducing infection in the affected areas, thus shorten the healing process.
            -JJJee kills Pseudomonas-aeruginosa in seconds, which is the most common bacteria that cause various infection.  It can speed up the healing time for minor cuts, scrapes, burns, bug bites and skin infections by simply spraying directly onto the affected area as needed.
            -JJJee is a no-rinse wound cleaner, it replaces alcohol and hydrogen peroxide, is an antiseptic spray, antiseptic cream, skin allergy cream,  without the side effects of the various kinds of chemical ingredients in medication, it is an essential item in your First Aid Kit.
            *Seek a physicians advice if your condition persists for more than three days or worsens.

            Depending on different applications:

            1) Spray JJJee directly on object and wipe with towel
            2) Spray JJJee directly on towel and wipe the objects
            3) Spray JJJee directly on cotton pad or cotton swab and wipe the objects
            3) Spray JJJee directly on object, and rinse with tap water
            4) Spray JJJee directly on object and leave dry
            5) Spray JJJee  in the air

            JJJee does not contain any harmful chemicals, bleach or toxic substance.  Clinical tests proved that JJJJee is safe to use on pets, even if the pet licks its coat or any object cleaned by JJJee.  Tests were also been done to the eyes of rabbits and no harmful effects were indicated.  Since JJJee has effective disinfectant capabilities, it kills 99.9% of germs and bacteria that is left on your pet’s coat; plus eliminates the odor from your pet. Use JJJee regularly to clean your pets ears and coat to prevent ear and skin infection and reduce pet’s odor.
            -Almost all types of detergent containing surfactant will damage the water environment through drainage and will eventually create unhealthy sludge at the bottom of rivers and the sea.
            -JJJee, contains no alcohol, no bleach, no harmful chemical, no toxic substance. It is a multi-application solution, which can be applied to various applications on human, pets, plants and other objects.
            -It helps customers to save a lot of money from buying different kinds of products for their household and pets. JJJee is One Bottle Does It All.
            -JJJee helps eliminate water pollution. It replaces many existing chemical cleaning products, thus, reduces chemical draining to the sea or lakes.
            -JJJee kills germs and bacteria, reduces odors and bad smells, thus leaves our environment clean and safe.
            -JJJee has no formation of foam and normally does not require rinsing; uses much less water when rinsing, thus, saves a lot of water.
            -JJJee becomes regular water when exposed to the air, thus reduces the cost of wastewater treatment.
            -JJJee, One bottle does it all! Therefore less bottles are used, there is less garbage and waste is reduced.
            -JJJee can be used as a homeopathic remedy to treat most skin issues on humans and animals, rather than using antibiotics, which might in turn help develop more deadly drug-resistant super bacteria.
              -JJJee can be applied directly on human skin and pet’s skin and coat.
              Best on stainless steel. JJJee can be applied on various materials such as:

              Chromium, Titanium, Iron, Plastic, Acrylic, Silicon Rubber, Glass, granite, stone, ceramic, tile, fabric, nylon, and many other materials.

              -Not suitable for materials with paint or coating, such as wood with wax coating.

              -Self-cleaning effect for fabric car seats/sofa, carpets, winter jackets, cushions, linens, drapes, stuffed toys and running shoes, spray on the surface and leave dry.

              -JJJee is water based, therefore, do not apply to any material that is not water resistant. Not suitable for colorfast fabrics or untreated leather.

              -For aluminium, zinc, nickel, tin, lead, brass and copper, spray JJJee and wipe immediately.  Please note that brass may turn black.

              -Test on a small area before applying JJJee.

              JJJee is safe to use on face and mouth, but spraying directly on the face might accidentally run into the eyes, although JJJee is not harmful to the eyes, it may cause minor irritation like water get into the eyes when shower. For best result, wet a cotton swap with JJJee and apply on the area around the face. e.g. acne, mouth ulcer, razor rashes, gum inflammation. For the inside mouth treatment, eg. mouth ulcers, gum infection, soak cotton swap with JJJee and gently dab on the affected area. Other than the face and mouth, simply spray directly on affected area.
              JJJee itself is odorless. When you clean the cooktop while it’s still hot, JJJee dissolves the oil and proteins right away. The smell of the dissolved oil and protein particles arise together with the steam. To eliminate odor, clean with JJJee when the cooktop cools down or when it’s warm. However, please note that JJJee works best on grease when it’s hot.
              JJJee is a strong alkaline electrolytic water, during the process of electrolysis, the ions must be free to move. The advance technology of producing this strong alkaline electrolytic water is using potassium carbonate as an electrolyte (potassium carbonate is an FDA approved a safe food additive), produced the finest alkaline electrolytic water which does not contain any other substance but only ion (potassium ion). The white deposits are the crystal of potassium ion, which may form if the bottle is settled for a while, especially in cool temperature. It is normal and will not affect the quality of the product. Shake it slightly and it will dissolve immediately.
              Alkaline solutions are slippery or soapy to the touch, due to the saponification. Just like soap, which is also strong alkaline and slip away the dirt while you’re washing your hands. JJJee is an alkaline solution, but it does not foam and does not need to rinse. When you sanitize your hand with JJJee, you will feel soapy to the touch, but will dry and refresh in 30 seconds. (The first 10 seconds is slippy, the second 10 seconds is somewhat squeaky, after 30 seconds your hands become smooth and refreshed.) JJJee kills 99.9% germs and bacteria and also reduces odor, such as cigarette smoke left on your hands. Apply cream when your hands are getting too dry.
              JJJee bottles are sealed for your protection. The 16 oz package comes with a trigger sprayer. Remove the cap and take off the foil sealer, try not to leave any foil on the bottle before you place the trigger sprayer. Products are carefully packed in a box. For orders over 25 bottles, products might be sent with separate boxes for safety reason. Finish the bottle in 6 months to 1 year for best quality.
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