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Direction & Tips


*Not for drinking

*Keep out of the reach of children.

*If the object is too dirty, use the sprayer bottle at least two feet away from your face, or spray gently to prevent the broken-down particles splashing through the air. (Dirt from the surface of the object or dust in the air are broken down into smaller, uniform particles when cleaning with JJJee.)

*JJJee is non-irritating. Normally you don’t need to wear a mask, but if the environment is too dusty, wear a mask when spraying in the air.

*For the face area, spray on a cotton swab or cotton pad and apply on the face area.

*For oral hygiene use a cotton swab and gently clean the affected area.

*Finish in 12 months after opening for best quality.

*Completely remove the foil sealed cover before inserting the trigger sprayer. (Do not just poke the sprayer through the foil.)

*Close tightly and store at room temperature.

*Read the page “How to A~Z” thoroughly before use.


NOTE: JJJee itself is non-irritating, but by applying JJJee onto the dirty/oily objects or surfaces, it breaks down the particles that may cause the irritation. For very dirty, oily or dusty objects or surfaces, spray gently or wear a mask to prevent the splashed dispersion of dust particles.

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