UPC: 865200000201

pH12.7 Strong Alkaline Electrolyzed Water

  • Improve personal and home hygiene without harmful chemicals or alcohol.
  • Non-irritating and requires no rinsing.
  • Safely clean hands, personal items, objects, and most surfaces.
  • Wash away dirt, impurities, and pesticides from fruits and vegetables.
  • Remove odors from shoes, clothes, carpets, chopping boards, and other items with pungent smells.
  • Eliminate feces and urine stains and odors on carpets, floors, and upholstery.
  • Dissolve oil and grease on stoves, ventilators, and countertops.
  • Clean toys and mouth toys without rinsing.
  • Safe for most materials, including granite countertops.
  • Toxin-free and dermatologically safe.
  • Child and pet friendly.


*pH level will be slightly different at different temperatures. pH12.7(+/- 0.3)