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JJJee Homeopathic Remedy
for Humans and Pets

JJJee is So Powerful yet So Gentle

POWERFUL enough to kill drug-resistant bacteria MRSA yet GENTLE enough to safely apply to babies and puppies

The POWER of
JJJee pH12.7 Alkaline Water with Negative Ion
A disinfectant for HUMAN and ANIMAL use

Deactivates 99.997% Influenza A in 15 seconds
Kills hospital super bug MRSA
Kills Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Staph aureus, Listeria, Candida
~bacteria that cause severe skin infection
Kills E.Coli, Salmonella, Listeria, Strep Throat
~common bacteria found at home and public
Kills fungus that causes Athlete's Foot and Ringworm
Destroys odors by breaking down odor molecules and kills odor-causing bacteria

JJJee No-Rinse non-medical infection remedy

SAVE medical expenses
NO MORE antibiotic
NO MORE steroid treatment

JJJee SAFE for humans, pets and the environment

JJJee non-medical solution for hotspots and skin infection

Recover from infection in only a few days without antibiotics, SAFE to apply directly onto humans and animals.

JJJee recover from Hotspots and skin infection in only days without antibiotics

skin rashes
JJJee reduces aging odors, improve personal hygiene.

Reduce aging odor and improve personal hygiene for both patients and caregivers
JJJee Improves Personal Hygiene
JJJee non-chemical Antibacterial Hand Wash
JJJee Removes Odors
Reduce aging odor and improve personal hygiene for both patients and caregivers Clean, disinfect, deodorize hospitalized patients from head to toe Non-chemical, non-alcohol antibacterial hand wash Reduce unpleasant odors, urine and feces odors


 Non-medical skin infection remedy for humans and pets

 First aid antiseptic spray for minor cuts and scrapes

 Non-Chemical Antibacterial hand wash

 Disinfects, deodorizes and cleans all area of the skin including perineal area

 Sanitizes medical equipment

 Removes odor from urine, feces and unpleasant smells

 Removes aging odors

 Removes pet odor

 Prevents the spread of germs and bacteria

 Prevents sick building syndrome and reduces disease outbreak

 Promotes personal hygiene for in-patients and out-patients

"JJJee is a SAFE PRODUCT on human skin.
~Institute of General Health Development Co Ltd Lab Test Report


 I don't worry about the hotspot on my dog anymore.

 So easy to clean and disinfect my Neti Pot!

 My granddaughter said there is no more funny smell in my room.

 It saved me a lot of money!

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